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Greenmount walk
Greenmount walk

Walks Classification

Please read carefully:  If you are in doubt about your ability to complete any particular walk, please contact the club.

NOTE: the relative difficulty of walks may depend greatly on the weather.

Easy Walks 

These are only easy if you are reasonably fit.  Do not try a walk that is too long on your first attempt. 

Easy Medium Walks 

These may be long and may include steep slopes and bush.

Medium Walks 

Are for the fit and may include stretches of stony, steep or slippery terrain, plus thicker bush.

Medium Hard Walks 

These may include difficult sections or may require a good pace to be maintained.

Hard Walks 

These are for active and experienced walkers.  If you have doubts about your fitness you should not try one of these walks.

Western Walking Club Rules

  1. One of the leaders should be informed before any member separates from the group for any reason.  (Back-packs should be left at the side of the track). 

  2. No group member should overtake the leader in front, nor lag behind the leader at the rear

  3. When walking on trafficable roads, members are to keep close to the right hand side of the road in single file

  4. Conservation laws are to be observed at all times.  No picking of wildflowers or disturbing fauna

  5. The making of fires to be undertaken only when permitted by fire laws.  Utmost care should be taken.

  6. No litter to be left anywhere.  Remember, we take out what we take in.

  7. Suitable equipment and clothing to be carried or worn.  That is, for winter walks: walking boots, backpack, 2 liters of water, compass, first aid kit, tough clothing to resist bush, whistle, packed lunch, matches and rainwear if necessary. 

  8. Toilet waste should be buried at least 250 mm deep, 200 meters from a stream.

Starting points and times

Winter walks start from fixed locations in Midland, Kalamunda or Cannington.   Summer walks have their own specific meeting places.  (See walks program for details).  Walkers are asked to assemble 20 minutes before departure time.  Late arrivals should not attempt to find and join the walk party after it has left.


Visitors are always welcome and are requested to apply for membership after completing two walks

Car pooling

On the winter walks, it is suggested that people might like to share transport to minimize cost.
Passengers are carried at their own risk.  Contributions to the driver towards the cost of petrol are suggested as follows:

Up to 25k round trip

 $3 per passenger

26 to 55km

 $4 per passenger


 $5 per passenger

Above 85km

 $6 per passenger


Walking without dog

For various reasons animals are not permitted on walks

Our Duty of Care 

The Western Walking Club wishes to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for its members.  To this end the club undertakes training courses for its leaders, provides first aid courses and works within a comprehensive risk management policy to ensure risks are minimised and effective procedures adopted in the unlikely chance of an emergency situation.


While the club does carry insurance, club members are encouraged to minimize their personal risk by complying with club rules and ensuring a suitable level of fitness and quality of equipment and clothing.

First Aid Kit 

A simple first aid kit should contain: Band aids, cotton wool, antiseptic spray, 75mm crepe bandage, splinter forceps, aspirin, scissors, safety pins, UV sunscreen and lipstick, insect repellent and any other items personally favoured.



Payable on 1 July each year, subscriptions are $35 per single person and $60 per couple.

Cheques payable to Western Walking Club Inc and post to WWC Inc, c/- 79 Gavour Rd Wattle Grove WA 6107


Name Badges

These are compulsory for adults and optional for children. A name badge is supplied by the club for a small charge when applying for membership.  Members are requested to wear name badges on all walks.


More information?

For more information contact us on 0488 511 112 or 0400 920 440



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